Saturday, 15 October 2011

State Of The Market - October 2011

After a frustrating summer of relative inactivity in the market place, autumn has suddenly brought an influx of new potential, motivated & proceedable purchasers. Add in to the mix buyers who have decided to make their move after months of searching and some vendors
finally willing to lower their price expectations, it has given us a buoyant post summer period. These are encouraging signs but recovery is still a work in progress and sellers and buyers alike need to be aware of that. In the meantime, realistic asking prices and lower price expectations are the way forward if you are going to sell in these tough market conditions. And that is not a bad thing. Reports suggest up to half of properties lingering on the market are around 20% over priced, and with the amount of information now available from market commentators, property blogs and media analysts…..buyers know this. Buyer confidence has a massive influence on the state of the market, but realistic pricing is the key. Even in a market such as this, a vendor with sensible expectations and a property with the correct price tag will sell sooner rather than later.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Right time to buy?

I don’t think I can remember a period in property that has asked so many questions of the market before, and the truth is that with the economic climate as it is the questions aren’t over. Is money safer in property than bonds, guilts, shares or gold? Rumours of toxic bonds, economic collapse, less gold reserves than the traded quantities abound. How many of these will become “toxic” in the coming months?


No one knows! What i know is that I like property. It is real, I can understand it, I can touch it, a banker can’t make it disappear, and in the long term it is always in limited supply.

So property is probably the only investment option for which long term increases are assured, so to my mind, when you find the right property, at a fair price, don’t worry about the market, buy with confidence.

Post by: by Tim Stafford 06/10/11