Friday, 27 January 2012

Sell With Confidence

Figures released this week report that the UK saw just 869,000 house sales in 2011, a fall of 1% on the previous year and around half of sales recorded 5 to 6 years ago. So what does this mean for you? Should the short lived moment of optimism for the housing market recovery be replaced with uncertainly once again? Statistics such as this are useful but can also be misleading and certainly when based on a national scale. You’ve seen the news, you’ve read the articles, you’ve talked to the ‘experts’, you may have even read a blog or two! With contrasting media comment, opinion and reporting, who should you believe?

RK0789 Front Aspect

I’ve no doubt the market has been turbulent for several years now and will continue to be for sometime to come. As I mentioned in a previous blog back in October, there had been encouraging signs of recovery for the housing market in North Cornwall and the last four months of 2011 proved that with impressive levels of sales and one of our busiest periods for 5 years. I won’t lie to you and say that 2012 has started with a bang, its going to be a slow burner for the coming weeks but I fully expect the local market to be up and running again by the spring with a raft of new properties available and motivated proceedable buyers waiting in the wings. Indeed, we have seen a large number of potential purchasers registering recently looking to buy but with so much sold before Christmas there is a real shortage of quality property on offer.

The market seems to have levelled out in recent months and certainly prices won’t fluctuate too much in the short to middle term so if you are thinking of selling, maybe now is the time. A lot is said about buyers having confidence in the market and the phrase ‘buy with confidence’ is used frequently. But now the time has come to ‘sell with confidence’ as well.